Becoming a Living Magnet

Welcome to Module #2 of the coaching program on 

“Becoming a Living Magnet"


The Law of Attraction follows the principle of cause and 

effect and uses the creative force of our minds to manifest     

what we want.                                                                           


There are three simple steps to the Law of Attraction process.  

In this module, you will discover what these steps are and how 

easy they are to implement.


Refer to the worksheet in the last module.


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“The Law of Attraction Process”

The Law of Attraction is a straight forward process that can be boiled down to three simple, yet very important steps.  Those steps are:


1)  Clarify Your Desire 

The thoughts you choose to think about will determine what shows up in your life. 

Without realizing it, your thoughts are statements of what you will attract.  

This means that clarity about what you desire is of paramount importance in the Law of Attraction process.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know what it is they desire and often focus on the negativity in their lives.  

They know what they don’t want, but aren’t as clear about what they do want.

As the first step in the Law of Attraction process, it’s important to get clear about what you want.  

And the more specific the better.


2)  Energize Your Desire Energize your desire with emotion, visual imagery, and a strong conviction that your desire is coming to you. 

Remember, thoughts are things.  

They’re not wispy little clouds drifting through your head. 

They are measurable units of energy that can penetrate time and space.

Your desire for something requires energy for it to manifest.  

Therefore, energizing your desire is the second step in the Law of Attraction process. 

It’s not enough to identify your desire and then leave it at that.  

You must also magnetize your desire with strong, positive emotions.   

When you center your thoughts on the outcome of your desire, you become a powerful magnet that draws in what you want.  

It is also imperative to trust and believe that what you want is on its way even if you don’t know how it’s going to get to you.


3)  Allow Your Desire Eliminate all doubts that your desire will happen for you. 

When you doubt, you send out a negative vibration that works against the manifestation of your desire. 

To allow your desire means you eliminate all doubt.  

The speed that the Law of Attraction manifests your desire is directly related to how much you allow.

-     A strong desire coupled with strong doubt will prevent your desire from manifesting itself.

-     A strong desire with some doubt may mean that your desire will come slower or partially. 

-     A strong desire coupled with total expectation will result in a true manifestation of your desire.

Our doubts come from the limiting perspectives we hold about life.  

Examine and identify what limiting perspectives you hold and eliminate them.  

For example, if you believe money is hard to come by, this perspective will impact your ability to manifest abundance.  

-    If you believe all relationships end badly, this perspective will impact your ability to manifest and maintain a healthy relationship. 

-    If you believe you can never lose weight, this perspective will make it very difficult for you to start and stick with a new exercise program and get positive results. 

The Law of Attraction process may seem basic but is nonetheless formidable.  

Also keep in mind that this process never stops, which means that you must train your minds to stay focused on your desires.  

Give continuous thought to the thing you desire.  

Wrap your thoughts around it, and be expectant that you are drawing it to you.


Next, you are going experience the Law of Attraction process for yourself and work with the idea of energizing your desires.  

For a few moments, you are going to do a visualization exercise.

Put down your pen or pencil, sit back in your chair, take a deep breath, and for the next few minutes just relax and follow my instructions.

Click on the blue "I"  below and just listen with your eyes closed in a relaxed position.

Click Here

The Law of Attraction can work effectively when you have clarity about what you desire and wrap your desire in the positive emotions of gratitude and expectancy.

On the flip side of the coin, the Law of Attraction can also be blocked, or be less effective, when you sabotage the process.

It’s important to be aware of what can block the Law of Attraction so you can keep this from happening. 

Sabotaging the Law of Attraction