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Taking a chance & making a mistake, In this coaching program, you will explore 5 key areas that will help you find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards. You will examine the concept of risk and break it down into specific, manageable steps. And you will look at risk from different perspectives and explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs. This training will open new doors to exciting opportunities!


Using Emotional Intelligence to Create a More Joyous, Richer Life. Discover How to Unlock the Key to Your Secret Weapon – in Life, Business and Relationships. With Emotional Intelligence YOU Can Remain Confident And Poised In ANY Situation, Be Seen As A Caring Leader & Authority, Quickly Find Out EXACTLY What Other People Want, And Have Better Relationships Than You’ve Ever Imagined Possible. This self study program consists of 9 modules.


Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are.”   During this coaching program you will  discover the secrets to expressing your true, authentic self and feeling good about who you are and how you operate in the world. What would the world be like if everyone could safely express themselves honestly, revealing who they are and what they feel? What if we didn’t have to speak, act and think as our family, friends, media and society expect? We would be living in a world of true authenticity. Being authentic in life is difficult because it means we have to be open and truthful with who we really are. It means we have to be conscious of our thoughts and feelings, our hopes and fears, and risk the disapproval of others when pursuing our dreams and passions. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When we’re being more authentic we feel more connected to who we are at our core. We can avoid living a divided life where our words, choices, and actions are not in line with our true selves. We can express ourselves more fully and with more confidence.


Resonating with the Feelings of Others to Build Rapport: In this coaching program, you are going to explore how to build rapport with others, create trusting relationships, deepen relationships with the important people in your life, and make people feel more comfortable around you. Are there people in your life who truly listen to you and try to understand your point of view? It feels pretty good, doesn't it? Here's a question to ponder... How well do you offer the same level of focus, attention and understanding to people you communicate with? Even if you have deep meaningful relationships in your life, you can create stronger rapport and deeper relationships with anyone in your life ...ANYONE. Regardless of wether or not you consider yourself a 'people person', you can quickly and easily learn the tools needed to gain other's trust, create safety and comfort for them (and you), and build instant rapport in your interactions ... all it takes is EMPATHY.


Most people are totally unaware of the fact that they have an inner, self-sabotaging voice that is constantly speaking to them. This voice will say things that at first sound like wise advice that is only meant to protect the person from emotional harm such as getting hurt, being rejected, or experiencing disappointment. So this voice will say things like: “You’re going to look like a fool.” “Don’t try that. It’ll never work.” “People aren’t going to like that. “You’re not experienced enough to make that work.” “Don’t wear that dress; it makes you look fat.” “You’ll embarrass yourself if you try that.” “It’s too much effort to do that. And it won’t work, anyway.” There are countless more things this inner voice says, so the question that needs to be asked then is: have you ever heard this inner voice saying these things to you? The answer for all of us is, yes!


Confidence plays an important part in living the life we want. It’s simple: without confidence, we will not be able to achieve our goals. While confidence is a necessary quality, so many people struggle to find it, not realizing that it naturally exists within each and every one of us. In this teleseminar, participants will recognize the limiting thoughts that are holding them back, see the connection that exists between their doubts, fears, and thoughts, and make a dramatic shift in the way they look at themselves, others and the world. Just imagine the possibilities that can come from tapping into our own natural confidence!


What is important to you?  Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading for it Today. In this coaching program, you are going to explore several key points about visioning & goal setting to help you successfully set and achieve important goals in your life and relationship.


There’s something important you need to know. And it’s probably something you haven’t given much thought to. If you want to succeed…I mean REALLY succeed in your business and personal life... If you want to have strong, meaningful, long-term relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues... If you want to be known as an influential, persuasive leader who TRULY GETS IT... Then you must be able to COMMUNICATE effectively. Unfortunately, this isn’t a subject we learn much about in school, and thus we learn most of our communication skills by observing others in our lives…our parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, spiritual leaders, bosses, etc. And to be honest…most of them learned from others too. And the cycle continues… Consider how important this ONE skill is. It’s pretty amazing and somewhat alarming that so few people are teaching it. That's why I'm thrilled to bring you this must-have seminar: Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communication


Conflict. What do you think of when you hear that word? How does conflict make you feel? Conflict is inevitable – it’s a normal aspect of human interaction. Conflict arises from unmet needs, unrecognized differences, and difficulties in coping with life changes and challenges. At the heart of every conflict are two people striving for something better. Conflict will exist as long as people work and live together. This teleseminar explores why you react to conflict the way you do, and provides new perspectives around how you can approach conflict so you can see it in a more positive light.


Health experts say that you are what you eat, but those who teach and promote the Law of Attraction would say instead: you are what you think. That’s because the Law of Attraction – this mysterious yet simple universal law that continues to gain awareness around the world – addresses a force that affects each of us and that is both subtle in its workings and powerful in its results. Each and every day, it is your thoughts that draw life experiences to you, and in this way, create the reality you experience. It is your thoughts today that will create your future tomorrow. And it is your thoughts, and the emotions they generate within you, that set up the condition for what you will attract to your life, both good and bad.


We all experience stress from time to time in our lives, and we know how stress can have a very negative effect on our short and long-term health, performance, career success, and personal happiness. But believe it or not, stress can be eliminated from our lives. We will certainly always continue to experience the pressures of life, but stress isn’t pressure. Instead, stress is how we choose to react to the pressures of life. Fortunately, stress management is a learnable skill. This seminar explores the importance of good stress management, and approaches the management of stress through specific actions, attitudes and emotional responses. It helps participants achieve better coping skills, better health, and an overall state of well being.