Relationship Coaching


How does it work?

I used to be a psychotherapist, a Marriage & Family Therapist, but now I am a RELATIONSHIP COACH.

I have trained as a mental health professional and as a professional coach.

Therapy and counseling stem from a medical model that begins with the premise there is something wrong with you. You are given a diagnose of a pathology and have a medical necessity for treatment. You are the patient.

The coaching approach is educational and for those who are well and healthy but would like the guidance of a coach for a particular challenge. You are the client.

I prefer the coaching model which is more educational, over the medical model. Since coaching is for functional people without a mental or emotional disorder, there is no medical diagnosis and therefore no insurance coverage for coaching services.

In coaching the client and coach become a team, focusing on the client's goals and needs and accomplish more than the client would alone. Coaching assumes a co-equal partnership between coach and client.

Coaching sessions are usually conducted or over the telephone or video based coaching (Skype FaceTime, or Zoom). Sessions may be in person if we happen to be in the same geographical location. Many people love the fact they can meet with a great coach no matter where in the world they are.

Many when offered the prospect of sessions for coaching online, have an "Oh thank goodness!" kind of reaction, due to the convenience of it especially during the winter months for those up north. They say "I am just so ridiculously busy that every time I had to stop what I was doing, find my keys, go flying out of the house and drive 20 minutes to her office (thinking, "I-do-not-have-time-for-this" the whole way), sit around and flip through a magazine, have my session, and then drive home… it felt like a huge chunk out of my day."

The time investment is much less by telephone or video conferencing. Many have expressed the opinion that online coaching can be even better and more effective than in-person work. My professional opinion is that it is more focused and therefore more productive than in-office appointments.

For many, quiet time before and after our meetings to journal, to plan what they want to talk about, or to take immediate action on all the new ideas that often come out of our sessions (instead of being immediately distracted by driving) is a crucial part of the experience.


Extraordinary Relationship Coaching for Couples

Get lasting results that empower you to create an extraordinary relationship.

Working with me, you will:

  • Learn and practice the power of effective communication.
  • Know what it feels like to be truly heard and understood.
  • Develop a vision for your relationship that leads to clear goals.
  • Have more safety and security in your relationship.
  • Discover the benefits of emotional honesty and emotional regulation.
  • Learn how to repair misunderstandings and resolve a conflict.
  • Get your needs met without blaming your partner.
  • Experience the connection, closeness, and intimacy you desire.

How the program works:

You will have access to a private website where you can access a 'client log' to record progress and ask questions of the coach as needed. Solidify your progress using the 'call strategy' before sessions and 'post-session recap.' You will be requested to make a minimum commitment of three months to ensure enough time for growth.

Contact me at 203-257-4113  to schedule a time to discuss this program further and how it will be helpful for you. Or Sign Up Online!


Feeling lonely in your relationship? You don't have to settle.


  • Are you in a committed relationship, but are unhappy or unsure whether to stay or to leave?
  • Is your partner not interested, motivated, or willing as you in participating in couples work?

Your partner doesn't need to join in a session.

One person can change a relationship.

Explore with me how you can be that person.

Working one-on-one with me, you will::

  • Get clear about your requirements, wants and needs.
  • Identify what actions you need to take to have the relationship you desire.
  • Identify your communication style? Is it working for you?
  • Learn skills to influence your partner to get more of what you want.

What is it worth to you to experience clarity and certainty about your life and relationship?

How to Survive an Unhappy Relationship
June 5, 2017

Contact me at 203-257-4113  to schedule a time to discuss this program further and how it will be helpful for you. Or Sign Up Online!