An Introduction to the Law of Attraction

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Becoming a Living Magnet – An Introduction to the Law of Attraction.


This program, will introduce you to the Law of Attraction, help you to tap into its power, and show you how to start attracting more powerful, positive experiences into your life.  


In this program you will specifically explore:  

1}  What is the Law of Attraction?  

2} You will learn the five key teachings that are at its core.

3) How to radically change your life with the law of attraction process in three simple steps.

4} You will look at what blocks the Law of Attraction from working, or at least working better? 

5} You will review the five things to be aware of that can sabotage the Law of Attraction process.

6} You will learn two practice techniques that can help you energize what it is you desire so that you can more powerfully attract it into your life.


Your journey begins with Module #1 and experiencing the Law of Attraction in action.


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The universe is governed by a series of universal laws. 

These laws cannot be dismissed, changed or broken.  

And they apply equally to everyone.


The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that we all emit energy, and the energy we emit draws back to itself a similar energy.  

Think of yourself as a giant magnet.

This is what the Law of Attraction is really all about.

The name "magnet" was first used by the Greeks as early as 600 B.C.  It was used to describe a mysterious stone that attracted iron.  According to Greek legend, the name magnet was taken from a shepherd, Magnes, who discovered the stone when his staff was mysteriously drawn and firmly stuck to the stone.

Scientists cannot explain why magnets exist. It is one of those wonderful unseen phenomena that reminds us that there is more to our world ‘than meets the eye’.

Now, just because we cannot see the magnet’s magnetism doesn’t mean it isn’t real, and the same can be said for the attracting force surrounding the Law of Attraction.


*          *          *


Review the following stories of people who, like magnets, have attracted something they desired into their lives.


The Power of Attraction - Examples


Example #1 – “Long Lost Friend”

A few years ago, Sarah was looking through her high school yearbook with her daughter when she came upon her best high school friend Claire. She said to her daughter, "Claire was one of my best friends.  We have lost touch over the years. I miss her and would really like to see her."  Sarah had no idea where life had taken Claire in recent years.

A few weeks later, Sarah and her family left for vacation to Washington State to visit family and friends. 

On their way up through California, they decided to do some sightseeing in a small town. They decided to check out the town's art gallery since Sarah is an artist.

While inside, Sarah could hear her husband talking to the woman behind the counter. She asked him where he was from and heard her say that she too was from Washington. As Sarah came around the corner to where they were talking, she couldn’t believe her eyes! To her delight and amazement, she saw Claire!


Example #2 – “Soul Mate”

It was five years since Joan’s divorce.  She had a good job, a lovely hom and great friends.  But she had still not met that someone special.

One beautiful summer day when she was working in her garden, she looked up to the sky, breathed in the fresh summer air, felt a wave of gratitude, and asked for a soul mate.

Then it happened - 3 months later she met him at a business conference.  He sat next to her at lunch.  It was the last place she expected to meet him.  

He has a great sense of humor, is romantic, respects her, and is a good listener. He has all the qualities she has admired and dreamed of for her soul mate. And they couldn’t be happier.


Example #3 – “My Ideal Career”

Brian had always hoped to be in a profession he would enjoy. He wanted a career that paid well, allowed him to impact others’ lives in a positive way, and would also allow him to be independent. 

While he was searching for his ideal career ten years ago, two people told him out of the blue that he would make a great life coach.  He became curious about the profession and the more he researched, the more he felt like he had found his calling.  Within a month, he was enrolled in coaching school.  

Today Brian is a fully qualified life coach.  He is self-employed, very successful and very passionate about his career.

Brian had always wanted to be successful within the field of self-development and today he has the business of his dreams!


“Law of Attraction – Five Key Teachings”


Have you ever noticed that sometimes what you need just falls into place or comes to you from out-of-the-blue?  

Or you’ve bumped into someone you’ve recently been thinking about?  

Or you met your soul mate because you were at the right place at the right time?

On the flip side of the coin, have you heard about people who find themselves in bad relationships over and over again, continue to get themselves in debt, or are never happy at their job?

Many would argue that these happenings are just coincidences, but the Law of Attraction says they aren’t coincidences at all, but instead they are connections and are proof of the Law of Attraction at work.


Here are the five key teachings behind this mysterious law:


1.   “Like Attracts Like”

This sums up how the Law of Attraction works.  The thoughts and energy that you send out will attract back to you, in one form or another, the things and experiences that match your energy. It’s that simple. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

We are constantly sending out vibrations, either positive or negative.  

At any given moment, the universe is responding to those vibrations. 

This means you are always in the process of attracting something into your life.  

So by aligning your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in a positive way, you can attract what you desire into your life.

This is what we mean by the term living magnet.

You are literally attracting the people, things, ideas, and circumstances that are in alignment with the energy frequency you are putting out.  

And the stronger and more intense your thoughts and emotions, the greater the magnetic pull.


2.   “You Get What You Think About Most”

The Law of Attraction will bring you whatever you think about most, whatever occupies your dominant thoughts.

Our thoughts travel through time and space at an amazing speed.  

Even the slightest thought sets in motion a power to produce something that corresponds with that thought.  

So whatever you desire and think about most often is what will likely manifest in your life.

Law of Attraction is always working to produce the experiences, relationships, and things foremost in your mind, which means you could be drawing into your life both positive and negative experiences.


3.   “There’s No Distinction Between Positive and Negative”

The Law of Attraction makes no distinction between whether you are attracting something positive or negative into your life. 

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever we think and feel, whether it be positive or negative. 

So if we feel excited, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, appreciative or abundant, then we are sending out positive energy and will attract back that which is positive.

But the opposite can also happen.  

Anger will attract more anger.  

Jealousy will attract more jealousy.  

Fear will draw to itself more fear.  

So we must be careful not to be sending out mixed signals around what it is we want and don’t want because we’ll end up with both.


4.   “See and Feel What You Desire”

With the Law of Attraction, it is important that we develop a crystal-clear idea of what it is we desire. 

The clearer the desire we can hold in our minds, the better. 

Additionally, the Law of Attraction states that if you can imagine and desire something clearly enough, and feel the emotions attached to it, you can attract what you desire more swiftly.

The Law of Attraction begins with identifying what we want to happen in our lives.  

Then crystallizing it and feeling the emotions associated with it will sustain and help manifest that desire.


5.   “Maintain a Positive Attitude”

 You must have a great deal of trust in the Law of Attraction process, and believe that you deserve to receive such blessings.  

This is the kind of thinking we associate with having a positive attitude.

You can change your life by wiping away patterns of negative thinking, and replacing those thoughts with positive thoughts and feelings.

Since the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on, then it’s paramount that you focus on the good and positive things of life.


Our desires are manifested through our thoughts, which are then supported by our actions. 

In this way, it is true to say that the Law of Attraction mirrors thoughts.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the law is always working, whether we are conscious of it or not. 

There is a specific process required to start the Law of Attraction in motion to help to achieve what it is you desire.

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Becoming a Living Magnet