What is conflict?

Welcome to the coaching program on 


Ensuring Life Harmony, Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change


In this program, you are going to explore several key points that you can take to minimize conflict in your life, and transform it into harmony and collaboration. 


This training is broken down into two components:


Part I – What is Conflict?


§  “Defining Conflict” – how do you define conflict, and what key elements are at play in all conflict.


§  “The Seeds of Conflict” – how the potential for disagreement, if not handled properly, can lead to conflict.


§  “What Contributes to Conflict Development” – how your personal behavior can fuel the conflicts in which you find yourself.  


Part II – How to Deal With Conflict


§   “Limiting Beliefs” – how these beliefs can perpetuate conflict in your life. 


§   “The Way We Manage Conflict” – what is your preferred method for dealing with conflict?


Conflict is a powerful word that implies confrontation and struggle where someone will win, and someone else will lose.  Because of this, we view conflict situations as threatening, and the possibility of conflict as something to avoid. Sometimes we decide just to walk away from it altogether because of the stress it creates. 

We all know what conflict is, yet how do we define it?

We can recognize it when it shows up, but where does it come from?”


§  “STEP into Conflict” – a practical tool for creating a better outcome in conflict situations.


Module 1 starts with defining the term conflict.”


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The Seeds of Conflict