The Seeds of Conflict

Welcome to Module 2 of

Ensuring Life Harmony

where you will continue your exploration of how to productively resolve conflict with others



So how does conflict seem to spring up out of nowhere, often with no warning? 

How does it escalate so quickly?

What makes it so prevalent?

 Whenever choices or options exist, there is the potential for disagreement. 

Such disagreements, if handled properly, can result in richer, more effective, interactions with others.

When disagreements are poorly dealt with, the outcome can result in conflict.

Conflict creates tension between people through feelings such as dislike, bitterness, resentment, competition, alienation, and disregard.

We all have beliefs, opinions, and attitudes that can clash with others. 

But if handled correctly, our disagreements can actually inspire useful debate and progression.


What Contributes to Conflict?