Part #2 Your Attitude Toward Taking Chances

Welcome to Part #2 of the Courage, Risks and Rewards Coaching program.

In this section, you will dive deeper into the concept of having courage, taking risks and reaping the rewards.

But before you do, I want to share with you the most important message to take away from this coaching program. It is:

“The biggest risk in life is not the possibility of making a mistake; it’s never trying in the first place.”

* * *

We are constantly taking chances in life whether we realize it or not. When you get on a plane, cross a street, or just walk down the sidewalk, you run the risk of something bad happening.  As much as we try, we cannot completely avoid risk.

* * *

Taking a chance to do something new or different does take effort, especially if you are uncertain of the results.

Next, you will further explore the effort required for you to take more chances.  You will do this by first becoming aware of your perspective on taking chances, and then recognizing the rewards you can receive from the risks you take.

You will also look at what can help and hamper your effort when taking a risk.

This is the “Courage, Risk, and Rewards” approach to taking chances.

Let’s start by looking at the first element: Courage.

* * *

We sometimes think that doing nothing is being neutral or safe.  That isn’t always the case.  Doing nothing can actually be negative.

The comfort zone we live in can be very seductive.  Everyone desires comfort, but too much comfort can work against us, because an inability to step out of our comfort zone limits our potential.

Many people avoid taking chances because they are afraid.  Being trapped by fear and refusing to take a chance leads to a safe, boring, and mediocre life. 

People with this mentality do not thrive, learn, love, or grow to their fullest potential because they will never step out of their comfort zones and take a chance.

* * *

You explore, discover and maximize your potential only by having the courage to take risks.


Part #2 Client Activity

Now, you are going to do a fun activity called “That’s Just Crazy!”

Below you will find fill in the blank sections to complete Part #2 Activities.  (you'll also find the downloadable documents below)

I’d like you to take three minutes to assess your attitude towards risk and to determine how courageous you would have to be to do various activities that require different degrees of risk.

On Worksheet #1, there are four different quadrants that contain the following headings:

  • “Not a problem for me to do”
  • “I have done this, but found it scary”
  • “I would be willing to try this”
  • “I would never do this”

Worksheet #2 contains a list of various activities for you to assess your willingness to do.

Read over the activities on Worksheet #2 and then place those activities in the quadrants on Worksheet #1.

Work quickly, trusting in your gut reactions rather than dwelling and thinking too hard about each one; after all, there are no right or wrong answers here.

Also, you can either write the activity in the appropriate quadrant on Worksheet #1, or just place the activity number in the appropriate space.

Begin now!


What Am I Willing To Do?

On Worksheet #1, there are four different quadrants. You will select items from Worksheet #2 (below) and insert them into one of the following four quadrants:

Not a problem for me to do:

I have done this, but found it scary:

I would be willing to try this:

I would never do this:

That's Just Crazy

Worksheet #2 contains a list of various activities for you to assess your willingness to do.

Read over the activities on Worksheet #2 and then place those activities in the quadrants on Worksheet #1.

  • Take part in a karaoke competition
  • In a no-smoking area, ask someone to stop smoking
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Go for counseling to sort out personal difficulities
  • Hug a complete stranger who is in distress
  • Cry in public
  • Get in a physical fight
  • Live on an island for a month
  • Take a vow of silence for a day
  • Throw a huge snowball at someone
  • Get your fortune told
  • Go on a blind date
  • Dance in the pouring rain
  • Play an elaborate practical joke on someone
  • Learn to dance (Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz)
  • Speak to an audience of a thousand people
  • Eat something that's alive (like an insect)
  • In an elevator, laugh hysterically for 5 seconds in front of strangers
  • Go to a strip club
  • Fast for at least two days
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon
  • Spend a week at a meditation retreat
  • Live in a foreign country for three months
  • Swim nude in a public place
  • Jump off a high cliff into the ocean

Worksheet 2 


Part #2 Debrief

Now that you have completed this activity, please complete Part #2 by answering the following questions.

What did you notice when going through this exercise?

What surprised you?

Where were your personal boundaries challenged?

What did you learn about your attitude towards risk from completing this exercise?

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