The Three Biggest Mistakes In Relationships

We all make mistakes.

Sometimes you might know better if you took the time and thought about it.

Other times you don't realize that what you did wasn't an effective thing to do.

Do you ask yourself:

How did that work out for me?

What was the result of my action?

If I could do it over again what would I do differently?

Mistake #1 - Making judgments

The Course in Miracles teaches us not to judge, not because it is wrong but because you never have sufficient information on which to make the judgment.

I believe that you and everyone else do the best they know how to do or are emotionally equipped to do at any given point in time. If you knew how to do it better, you would and so would everyone else.

This motto has helped me have compassion and understanding for others as well as for myself. It reminds me to seek to understand and enables me to forgive.

Mind reading is thinking we know someone else's motivation when they haven't told us. Making assumptions, you know something you don't cause many problems in relationships.

Making judgments leads to the other mistakes.

Mistake #2 - Criticism

When we make judgments and think we are 'right' it is easy to think, we have the right to criticize and tell others how they are wrong.

Mistake #3 - Blaming, shaming and name calling

When you think you have the right to criticize, you may blame and call the other person negative names.

These three mistakes are off offputting, and hurtful to another person and put them on the defensive. These mistakes make it difficult for another person to hear what you are saying without reacting defensively. None of these behaviors support a healthy relationship.