Stop it in its Tracks

Welcome back to the program on 

The Rebel Within


Thus far in this program you have discovered:  

  • the identity of your Rebel Within
  • its sneaky tactics
  • the lies that it makes you believe through your "I am____" statements.

In this module, you will learn a powerful tool to notice when the Rebel is trying to influence you and how to stop it in its tracks.


While you can never eliminate the Rebel Within completely, you can combat it and use some strong weapons to reduce its power.

When combating your Rebel, it's important to remember that:

What you resist persists, but what you embrace dissolves.   

We have been taught to think that to get rid of something we don't want, we must fight and resist it and not show weakness toward it.   

But this type of thinking doesn't work with you Rebel Within.

If you resist your Rebel, you give it all the power.

By resisting something you actually strengthen it because you become blind to its presence and tactics. It has more power because you are unaware it is there.

But when you acknowledge your Rebel and its tactics, it loses most of its power.

And when you respond in a different way to your Rebel, it loses almost all of its power.

And the best defense against your Rebel is to acknowledge it and to get to know it intimately.

By doing so, you will more easily spot its tactics and be able to neutralize it.



Next you will learn a powerful weapon you can use when you realize your Rebel is impacting your life.

One Life Awake