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In Module 2 you are going to continue your exploration by discovering the 3 step process for overcoming the Rebel Within.

It is:

Step #1 - Identify the Rebel Within

Step #2 - Recognize its Tactic

Step #3 - Stop it n it's Tracks

You will explore what each of these steps mean and how to use them to confront and defeat you Rebel Within.


Step #1 Identifying the Rebel Within  --

We all have one.

For some, the Rebel may be shy and subtle. It may seem sweet and soft-spoken as it whispers its sabotaging messages.

For others, the Rebel may be loud, aggressive and overbearing. It doesn't have any tact as it assures you of your inadequacies.

As unique as you are, so is your Rebel.

And while it may seem odd to think about getting to know this part of you that has been wreaking havoc in your life, the only way to successfully combat it is to know it so you can spot it when it rears its ugly head.

So how exactly are you supposed to get to know this elusive, inner saboteur?

One of the best strategies to contact your Rebel Within is to notice, acknowledge, and expose it.

Your Rebel Within doesn't like too much attention or scrutiny. 

So the more light you shine on it, the more it loses its power against you.


For the next few minutes, get comfortable, relax, focus on, the following visualization to help you identify your  inner critic.


Identify Your Rebel Within

A Guided Visualization

Start by putting down your pen and paper.

Take a few deep breaths and get centered.

Feel your body grounded in your seat, your feet on the ground, arms resting.

Continue to take deep breaths and relax your body from head to toe.

Pretend that you have coaxed your Rebel Within out from the shadows and have brought it to center stage.

With your Rebel under a bright spotlight, you can clearly see what it looks like.

Take a moment now to look at your Rebel.

Next ask yourself some questions. There are no right answers. 

Just engage your imagination in creating a look and personality for your Rebel.

You can make this inner critic out to be anything you want it to be.

Now that you Rebel has come out from the shadows and is center stage, notice what your Rebel looks like.

What are its physical characteristics? What is its voice, stance and gate?

What skills and abilities does your Rebel have?  Indicate its strength, quickness, and intelligence.

What are some of its favorite sayings or stories that it likes to say to you?

Is your Rebel a person or a thing?

Is your Rebel a he, she, or something else?

What name would you give your Rebel Within to help you describe it?

In answering these questions, the idea is to create a picture of your inner Rebel so that you recognize it as something separate from yourself. 

Now it's time to come back to the present - 

Take several deep breaths. 

End of Visualization

To overcome the Rebel Within, you must be able to recognize it.

Now that you have identified its characteristics, you will begin to notice it showing up when you think about making a personal improvement or significant change.

You will begin to notice that it is the voice behind any fear or doubt you're feeling about something important you want to do.

Identifying the Rebel Within you is the first step to moving forward and improving your life.

Next move to Step #2 , where you will learn its favorite tactics.

The Rebels' Tactics