How do we stop Criticism?


Abusive behavior and talk are so much in the public eye during this election season.
What motivates any of us to criticize and attack another's character?
What drives people to do those behaviors?
Is it about having power over another?
Or is it the mindset of 'if I can demean you then I look better?
What are your values regarding how you treat another person?
As Rodney King said "Why can't we all just get along?" reflects my values.
I value harmony in relationships, and I want to create a win-win experience.
I don't value a relationship where one wins while the other loses in personal relationships.
Obviously, in an election one will win the other loose the election.
Isn't it possible that we can disagree on issues without demeaning another's worth?
Maybe by listening deeply to each other, we can gain a new perspective.
Criticism and character assignation are not healthy behaviors.
They are not rational but emotional.
They are mean and cruel not kind.
What are your values?
What do you want to teach and role model for your children?
Some say they value 'straight talk' but what if what is being said isn't healthy, not kind but mean?
Do you recognize the difference when it occurs?
Many who are angry with their life and want change seem to be attracted to the candidate who expresses the most anger.
Do you recognize projection when it occurs? Projection is when what one person is saying about another appears to be truer for them than the person they are talking about. For example, what Peter says about Paul is truer for Peter than Paul.
Being able to discern what is healthy from unhealthy is crucial for a healthy relationship and a healthy nation.
Not accepting or tolerating unhealthy mistreatment of anyone is what stops it.
Love yourself enough to say no to those who mistreat you or anyone else.
Doing this is how we will stop it.