What is confidence?

Module #1 - 

What is Confidence?


Welcome to the coaching program on:


Confident You! – Leap Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve What You Want.


In this coaching program, you are going to learn several key points about confidence that will make a dramatic impact on how you view yourself, and how to present yourself to the world.  

This program is broken down into the following components: 


1}  What is confidence?


2}  Confidence boosters – things you can say and do.


3}  Confidence zappers – the things in life that zap our confidence.


4}  Celebrating ourselves – who you are, what makes you truly unique.


5}  How we show up and the energy we give off.


Let’s begin our exploration of confidence now.


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We all want to perform at our best in our work and personal lives.  

For this to happen, we must believe in ourselves and truly be confident in our abilities.

But what exactly does it mean to be confident?  

What is ‘confidence,’ anyway?  Is it just a concept?  A feeling?  A state of being?  

Confidence is like gravity – we can’t see it, but we know if it’s there or not there.

Confidence Boosters