The Power of Effective Communication

Welcome to the coaching program on: 

Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communication.

In this program, you are going to explore several key points about communication and the challenges of communicating effectively.  

There are two very important components that make up communication:  


Part I, is about the messages you send.  

This part of the program covers:

  •   The multi-layered structure of our communications and the simultaneous messages you may not realize you are sending.  
  • The difficulty we sometimes have connecting with others and how important it is to follow-up and make sure that what you really wanted to say was effectively communicated.
  • The need to measure your communication effectiveness by continually assessing your communication skill level.


Part II is about the messages you receive from others.  

This part of the course covers:

  • How you use the skill of listening and how this skill determines what you actually hear. 
  • How you can assess your current skill level when it comes to listening.
  •  How you can immediately improve your listening skills by listening with CARE – a helpful tool to have and use during any conversation with someone else.


Module #1 starts by conducting a communication experiment 

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Communication is critical to positive relationships whether in business or our personal lives.  

Effective communication skills are vital for us to live a fulfilling life because we are continuously interacting with others, giving and receiving messages.

But despite the importance of communicating effectively, communication skills are a very misunderstood area of human behavior and one of the most challenging skills to use successfully.


The Messages We Send