Who You Really Are

Welcome to the coaching program on:


“Focus on Authenticity


Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are.”

During this coaching program you will  discover the 

secrets to expressing your true, authentic self and 

feeling good about who you are and how you operate 

in the world.  


We all want to live happy, authentic lives, rich & full of 

purpose and this program will take you on a journey of 

self-discovery that explores:


§  What is authenticity and why we struggle to be more authentic in our lives;


§  What causes us to live our lives in inauthentic ways. There are some major influences at work here; 


§  The difference between our public ‘persona’ and our true ‘character’;


§  What we can do to increase our willingness to be more authentic in our daily lives.



Let’s get started!


We have  first to start with this simple fact: most people 

struggle to show others their true authentic selves, 

whether they realize it or not.  


We yearn to express ourselves more fully and be 

unconditionally accepted by others,  and we desire to 

have others do the same.  But the reality is that it’s 

often easier to remain and behave in less authentic 

ways rather than risk letting others see and experience

who we really are.


Our examination of authenticity begins by looking at the 

reasons why people don’t want others to see and 

experience who they really are.  



*          *          *


Most of these are things are considered to be “bad,” and it’s 

understandable that we wouldn’t want them revealed. 


Now direct your attention back to the image of the iceberg  on your 

worksheet and notice that the iceberg’s angled edges below the water’s 

surface aren’t just dark; there are actually many edges that are in light.  

This is metaphoric for the positive things about you that are below your 



People also hesitate to share their positive traits such as:

o   Their hopes and dreams

o   Their vision of what would make them truly happy

o   Their accomplishments and future goals

o   What they love and appreciate 

o   What excites them and gives them childlike curiosity

o   Their creative impulses

o   Etc.

The reason people can be equally hesitant to share their positive qualities 

is because revealing our most hidden strengths, desires, and aspirations 

still makes us vulnerable.


These positive qualities can be judged critically by others, so there is risk 

associated with opening up to others, even in positive ways.

*          *          *


Being authentic means being willing to openly and honestly share all of 

yourself with others – both good and bad.  


If you look up the definition of ‘authenticity’ in the dictionary, you would see 

the concept described as ‘the quality of being genuine.’


Fundamentally, being more authentic is more fully expressing all of who 

you really are, and this includes both the light and the dark.  


When you are more authentic, you are also more vulnerable; there’s no 

denying this fact.  Still, isn’t risking a little vulnerability worth the potential 

gain of becoming:

    • More confident in yourself?
    • More willing to pursue your passions? 
    • More free of other people’s opinions?
    • More connected with yourself and others?
    • More in a state of peace of mind?
    • More accepting and appreciative of your true self?

What Causes Us to Live Our Lives in Inauthentic Ways?