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You are one step closer to a brand new youEasily IMPROVE Your Life & RELATIONSHIP so thatyou will have greater SATISFACTION, SAFETY, & SECURITY as well as more JOY
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Course - Ensuring Life Harmony & Resolving Conflict

Want More Harmony in Your Relationships? 
One Of The Most Important Skills You’ll EVER Learn


Have you ever lost a friendship, relationship, job or important contact because of a simple misunderstanding or detrimental conflict? 



Have you ever wondered why some people are making life so much HARDER for themselves than it needs to be?
Not only does this rob them of vital life-energy, it costs them a lot of happiness through lost harmony in their relationships.



What am I talking about?


Wouldn’t it have been great to have known EXACTLY how to repair that relationship…or even better…turn the conflict around AS it was happening?




Not knowing how to effectively resolve conflict creates barriers, shuts people down, makes them feel unsafe and destroys relationships like a cancer.





Differing opinions, perspectives, wants, needs and expectations, while seemingly simple, start wars, kill collaborations and destroy marriages…and it just doesn’t have to be that way.


Conflict.  Nobody likes it, yet very few people know how to handle it, and it’s everywhere in our society.  It’s inescapable.



Think for a second… when have you recently experienced conflict?



Now, I’m not talking about a knock-down, drag-out fist fight or screaming match…this could be as simple as someone at the office taking the last of the coffee…



Or feeling your blood boil just a little bit as someone cut you off on the freeway…



Or maybe your friends wanted Thai food last night and you wanted Italian…



These seeds of conflict invade our days in subtle ways, and build up over time to create resentment and frustration, which can drastically damage relationships, increase  stress levels and create a “culture of conflict” that negatively affects EVERYONE …including YOU.



 Over the years, I’ve watched far too many relationships…of every kind…go down in flames due to simple misunderstandings and differing opinions.


But it’s so easy to turn it all around. Through listening, striving to see another’s point of view, and honoring their perspective, you can experience massive amounts of joy, fulfillment and rewarding relationships…even in areas that you never thought possible.


Learning the skills of conflict management and resolution might be one of the most important things you ever do…


Take the first step toward a life of harmony, happiness, cooperation and collaboration…register for Ensuring Life Harmony TODAY.




Knowing how to resolve conflict can TRULY make your life peaceful and harmonious.


Attend this course, and you’ll be well on your way to creating positive change from ANY conflict situation. But without it…you’re destined to keep doing what you’ve always done…


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FORTUNATELY, there are steps that you can take to minimize conflict, and transform it into harmony and collaboration.
You don’t have to be born with it…all it takes is a little knowledge, practice and skill…and you can start TODAY.







Ensuring Life Harmony: Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change


In this course you'll face the issue of conflict head on, with no candy-coating, fluff or filler.





In this highly educational training, you'll discover…



  • How to easily manage your emotions in the face of conflict…
  • The secret formula to building better relationships…
  • How to use disagreements to your advantage, turning conflict into cooperation…
  • The keys to clear communication, leaving no room for deadly misinterpretation…
  • And much, much more…




3 Tips: How to Have an Extraordinary Relationship

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Before coaching, I had a lot of fear and anxiety that kept me from doing things I knew I should do to get ahead. I was tired of being alone and not having a relationship. When I did go out with a guy, within the first few dates anxieties and behaviors that I thought I was past resurfaced. I felt like I couldn't control myself or my emotions. I felt terribly insecure and desperate. I thought I needed to settle for whoever would be with me even though they were not my ideal mate. 
Finally, I said to myself “enough is enough”.  I realized that I was never going to figure this out on my own.  I also recognized that this wasn't something that was a medical necessity for which my health insurance would pay.  A relationship coach was just what I needed.
I loved that no matter how crazy I sounded to myself my coach seemed always to understand what I was saying and feeling and made sense of it. 
Since coaching, I have gained confidence in myself and am now married to a wonderful man. This increased confidence and communication skills have also showed up in my professional life, and I have increased my income 50%.
Thank you, Dr. Marian, for all the help you have given me. 

Lee S.