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You are one step closer to a brand new youEasily IMPROVE Your Life & RELATIONSHIP so thatyou will have greater SATISFACTION, SAFETY, & SECURITY as well as more JOY
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Course - Courage, Risks & Rewards

Intro to COURAGE, RISKS & REWARDS -Taking Chances & Making a Mistake

 Are you a risk-taker or do you play it safe?


This program is your window to a new world of exciting possibilities and incredible potential.


Understand and evaluating the dynamics of CourageRisksand Rewards will empower you to:

  • confidently step out of your comfort zone, 
  • change your status quo, and 
  • pursue dreams and desires that have been quietly tucked away.

In this program, you will:

  • Discover your attitude toward risk taking and how this attitude impacts your life.

  • Understand why people avoid taking risks and how to become more open to taking chances in life.

  • Learn how to reframe your perspective about risk-taking regardless of the outcome.


Are you willing to take a chance – make a mistake?

What are you beliefs that enable you to move forward versus stay stuck?

What are the rewards that you are missing out on because you don’t have the courage to try new things?

All this and more will be addressed in this program.


You may register for the self-study program alone or you may want an hour of coaching in addition to support you in going even further with building your Courage, taking Risks that will help you grow and expand so that you can reap even greater Rewards.

To your success;

Dr. Marian 


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Before coaching, I had a lot of fear and anxiety that kept me from doing things I knew I should do to get ahead. I was tired of being alone and not having a relationship. When I did go out with a guy, within the first few dates anxieties and behaviors that I thought I was past resurfaced. I felt like I couldn't control myself or my emotions. I felt terribly insecure and desperate. I thought I needed to settle for whoever would be with me even though they were not my ideal mate. 
Finally, I said to myself “enough is enough”.  I realized that I was never going to figure this out on my own.  I also recognized that this wasn't something that was a medical necessity for which my health insurance would pay.  A relationship coach was just what I needed.
I loved that no matter how crazy I sounded to myself my coach seemed always to understand what I was saying and feeling and made sense of it. 
Since coaching, I have gained confidence in myself and am now married to a wonderful man. This increased confidence and communication skills have also showed up in my professional life, and I have increased my income 50%.
Thank you, Dr. Marian, for all the help you have given me. 

Lee S.