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You have probably found this web page in a search to find ways to go from a good relationship to an extraordinary relationship or to find solutions to end the struggles, pain. and discontent in your relationship.   

Maybe you are: 

  • Satisfied in a good relationship but would like to have a great relationship
  • Maybe you are starting to feel a little bored and would like more spark in your life and reltionship

Or you are struggleing by:

  • Constantly arguing and bickering
  • Feel you can't agree on anything.
  • Feel critized and blamed and can't do anything right.
  • Being avoided and not able to communicate calmly and effectively
  • Wondering if you will end up divorced?


I have heard these and many more from the clients I have seen over the years.

Also on a personal note, I have had 2 marriages and one divorce with 12 years between the divorce and meeting my second husband (now with over 27 very good years) so I know what it is like. In other words 'been there, done that". I know that you can have a radically extraordinary relatioship if you are willing to make the effort. You can
go from pain to pleasure. I have.


You’re in the right place if you  are dreaming of having:

  • A relationship that brings you joy instead of conflict.
  • Communication and understanding that leads to more closeness and intimacy.
  • An equal partnership where you can discuss ideas and create dreams together. 
  • A partner who really listens and understands you, as you do them.


You are not alone. I have helped 1000's of individuals and couples create a secure loving relationship and a happy harmonious life with the simple strategies that will be revealed. 

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Learn how to: 

  • Go from good to great to extraordinary
  • Stop criticism and blame.
  • Calm emotions..
  • Talk so others will listen. 
  • Create safety in your relationship
  • Listen so that your partner will feel heard and valued.
  • Communicate more effectively so that you can experience more closeness, intimacy, compassion, empathy and greater understanding of yourself and others.
  • Have the confidence and security that what you want and need you can achieve.
  • Have the understandings and skills that you need to create continued success.
  • Build a better relationship with yourself and a partner today even though you might have thought it was hopeless.



As a Relationship Coach I want to offer the accepted definition of coaching from ICF (International Coaching Federations) -

"Coaching is a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." 

Working via FaceTime/Skype or phone can be very convenient.  Many people prefer working from their own home without having to travel, especially during the winter months. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to have a private conversation.


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3 Tips: How to Have an Extraordinary Relationship

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Before coaching, I had a lot of fear and anxiety that kept me from doing things I knew I should do to get ahead. I was tired of being alone and not having a relationship. When I did go out with a guy, within the first few dates anxieties and behaviors that I thought I was past resurfaced. I felt like I couldn't control myself or my emotions. I felt terribly insecure and desperate. I thought I needed to settle for whoever would be with me even though they were not my ideal mate. 
Finally, I said to myself “enough is enough”.  I realized that I was never going to figure this out on my own.  I also recognized that this wasn't something that was a medical necessity for which my health insurance would pay.  A relationship coach was just what I needed.
I loved that no matter how crazy I sounded to myself my coach seemed always to understand what I was saying and feeling and made sense of it. 
Since coaching, I have gained confidence in myself and am now married to a wonderful man. This increased confidence and communication skills have also showed up in my professional life, and I have increased my income 50%.
Thank you, Dr. Marian, for all the help you have given me. 

Lee S.